Inwater Activities in El Nido


Island Hopping is one of the most popular activities in El Nido. It’s a way to discover many hidden beaches and spend a day snorkeling in the most beautiful spots of Bacuit bay. You can join the regular Art Cafe tours. We also recommend to look for a private boat.

Tour ASnorkel tour to two lagoons on Miniloc Island, Simisu Island, and 7 Commando.
Tour B: Tour to Snake Island, Cudugnon Cave, Lagen Island, Inabuyutan Island, Cathedral Cave.
Tour CBig snorkel tour around Matinloc Island and Tapiutan Island, with a visit to the Secret Beach. You have a big chance to see turtles.
For day tours, we warmly recommend Art Cafe
For an overnight trip, you can choose to join a group or organize private expeditions. Book with Tao Philippines or Native Exploration


Palawan Freedivers is the first freediving school in El Nido. Either you are curious about this  or if you are already an experienced freediver, freediving is an amazing way to discover El Nido’s reef, to get a course or be catered by our banca for fun diving!Freediving is environmentally friendly by definition. It is the least intrusive way to visit the underwater world and allows you a more intimate experience with marine life.
Palawan Freediver is an AIDA center that offer courses from Beginners to Advanced freedivers. They believe in an individualized approach, offering you a more personal experience. Progress faster thanks to our efficient training methods and the ideal sea conditions.
Safety is a priority: You will go diving with experienced and professional staff that provide a safe environment where you will have the best chances of unlocking your freediving potential.
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Palawan Sailing offers sailing courses. It is the first IYT center in Philippines. Join our professional and experienced instructor to get a course or simply discover Bacuit Bay on Aquilone, a 45 footer yatch. All the information are in our website:

Great activities Bacuit Bay

Going to the islands with a sea kayak is the best way to be independent and feel like Robinson Crusoe while arriving alone on a beautiful beach! One of our favorite activities here! The waters are very calm, it’s really easy to get around the bay and further. You will enjoy the sounds of nature real close, be able to take plenty of nice pictures and visit beaches nearby where you can snorkel.

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Located on the East Coast of the municipality of El Nido, 55 minutes away from the town of El Nido, QI Palawan offers to learn or advance your kite boarding skills. Their remote beach location has the ideal wind during the Amihan season (November to April)!  No crowds, just a sandy bottom and flat water.
Our pristine beach makes for a perfect day trip for kiters and non-kiters alike. Or, maybe you will choose to stay a few days…

 Inland Activities in El Nido and Around

BAcuit BAy, El Nido, Palawan

Tours in the North. Discover by your own the Northern Tip of Palawan. There are a lot of hidden treasures in this part of the island. You can hire a van or a tricycle to get there. The most popular way is to rent a motorbike or a scooter. But be extremely careful! The concrete road turns into tracks after few kilometers. We highly recommend to get a vehicle in good conditions! Remember that the most important parts of  bike are the tires and never ride a motorbike without an helmet, proper shoes and tee-shirt! Few people brought painful souvenirs from those trips!

Nacpan and Calitang, the twin beaches– Enjoy stunning face to face beaches, probably the most impressive ones in Palawan (motorbike 20 min – 45min ride by van – longer by tricycle.)

Nagkalit-kalit Falls and Makinit Hot Springs – Chill out in the hot springs surrounded by the jungle and take a rewarding fresh bath in the waterfall after a walk through the forest (45 min ride, then 45 min trek to get to the waterfalls).

Dagmay Beach – Dagmay beach is completely empty and very quiet – a perfect spot for those who want some peace and quiet. If you’re there at the right time, you’ll be able to meet the local fishermen (45min by van).

Duli Beach 2h away from El Nido, you’ll find a beautiful 4km long beach, only surrounded by jungle and clear water.

Ille Cave Explore the famous cave where archeologists found human bones and potteries from 12 000 years earlier. (45min drive from El Nido)

The best way to explore Palawan countryside

Mountain biking Discover by your own a nice little village right on the beach only 8km away from El Nido. Or for the more adventurous, cycle up to 60km in one day and explore the beautiful and pristine jungle. Mountain Biking is an amazing way to get close to nature and to the locals. Take it easy! There are a lot of different options. One of the best activities in El Nido. Book with El Gordo adventures for renting a bike or organize a guided tour.

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Zipline. This is perfect to go with your family or with a group of friends. There is a 750m zipline joining Las Cabanas to Snake Island. Php500 one way, PHP400 more to come back, otherwise you can walk at low tide or swim.