Our Scuba Diving Equipment – You deserve the best

For more than ten years, Palawan Divers has been focused on providing good scuba diving equipment to our guests. Our 2 technicians, Edgar and Ariel pride themselves to be always checking, cleaning and maintaining our gears. Every year, they got a refresher training with our suppliers.

Our Scuba Diving Equipment – Your safety is our priority

We are very aware that each time you dive you are trusting your life to the equipment you use. Our PADI Instructors ultimately decide on the equipment we stock. Our diving tanks are checked and cleaned every 6 months as well as our 3 compressors.

Our Scuba Diving Equipment – What do we provide?

Palawan Divers provides equipment everyone from kids to big sizes.

Regulators: 16 Zeagle Envoy – 6 Mares Rover – 6 Aqualung Calypso

BCDs: 22 Mares Rover – 6 Aqualung Waves

Masks: 26 masks with 5 different options for different face shapes

Wetsuits: 26 Mares Rover 3mm full suit, 12 Mares Rover 2.5mm shorty & rashguards

Fins: 24 Mares Avanti 3

12.2 L Cylinder 300BAR DIN Valve
3 x 15L Cylinder 300BAR DIN Valve
4 x 8L Cylinder 300BAR DIN Valve

2 x Coltri MCH 18

1 x Bauer Poseidon

If you have special requests about our scuba diving equipment, call +639 399 581 076, email us at: hello@palawan-divers.org or use our contact form.