Palawan Divers team is composed of more than 20 people coming from all around the world. Most of us are Filipino of course, but to make sure we can accommodate everyone properly the whole team speaks over than 10 languages!


Jerome is the French Palawan Divers owner and manager. Growing up near the sea in Normandy, Jerome has always had a love affair with the sea and took Cousteau’s documentaries to heart. After working as a film editor for 6 years, he decided to live out his greatest passions – sailing and diving. Known for his hands-on and eco-friendly approach to diving, he attends to guests himself to make sure they have the best experience with Palawan Divers.

Glaidy is from El Nido. Don’t be fooled if she’s always behind the desk. She is much more than your average secretary; she’s our office captain who keeps all the papers organized, mothers the staff and ensures guests are comfortable in Palawan Divers.

Edgar is everyone’s kuya or big brother. He’s been with us since Palawan Divers opened. He mainly takes care of the diving gear and compressors, and often makes the people around him laugh.


Filip is our Belgian PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor. With more than 8 years of experience in 6 countries, Filip is on top of the quality of our PADI courses. You can count on him to give you a complete and safe dive instruction with world-class quality. He speaks English, French, Dutch and German.

Matteo was born in El Nido but with Italian roots. As a local PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor, he knows Bacuit Bay and its marine life like the back of his hand. Young yet already well-experienced in diving, you can rely on his positive energy and professionalism. He speaks Tagalog, English and Italian.

Dustie is from Taipei and has worked all over the world in public relations. As a young retiree, she recently nested in El Nido to enjoy diving, sailing and teaching. She speaks English and Chinese Mandarin.


Jok Jok is our local in-house divemaster. He grew up in El Nido and has been diving for more than 10 years in Bacuit Bay. If you see him very excited underwater, it means he has spotted yet another beautiful sea animal. Always smiling and energetic, you’re bound to have a fun dive experience with him.

Darrel joined Palawan Divers last year. He started as a boat captain and helper but quickly, we noticed his commitment, intelligence and natural ability to care for guests. Diving was second nature to him, so it didn’t take long for him to develop as a divemaster. With Darrel, you’ll surely be in good hands.

Boat captains

Dong is a kuya (or big brother) to everyone in Palawan Divers. He is a mechanic and one of our boat captains. He’s an expert in taking care of big boats and knows Bacuit Bay like no one else. He used to drive big bancas from El Nido to Coron, so choosing the best dive sites for our daily dives is like child’s play for him!

Darryl has been with us for 5 years now. He is a native of El Nido who grew up boating with his family. Who needs a GPS when he can read the weather, feel the currents and spot a reef just by watching his surroundings?

Dive crew

Gastoy is not really talkative, but expresses himself with his work. Dedicated and efficient, he will prepare your gears or a glass of iced water in record time.

Ariel is the newest addition to our team. Motivated and efficient, he’s always at your service with a big smile on his face.

Jason arrived around the same time as Ariel. A good English speaker, he will easily chat you up to attend to your needs. He’s incredible as well.