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Private diving boat & trips

If you wish to have a more personal experience take a private trip on your own boat. Explore some of the most beautiful dive sites Bacuit Bay has to offer.
night diving el nido

Night Diving in El Nido

Night Dives in El Nido are definitely worth it! The show starts by an incredible sunset and goes on while cruising underwater. You will be grateful! It is a tremendous experience.
Our Scuba Diving Refresher Course in El Nido

Scuba Diving Refresher Course with Palawan Divers in El Nido

Not been diving in a while? No worries! Our team can help ease you back into scuba diving with the Refresher Course that covers everything from theory to skills.
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Scuba Diving for kids in El Nido – The Bubblemaker Course

Do you love splashing in water? Would you like to take a peek at the colourful fish we have here in El Nido and even try to find Nemo?
Fun Diving El Nido Philippines

Scuba diving in El Nido

Scuba Diving in El Nido. Whether you like shallow dives or vertical walls, sandy flats or swim-throughs, night dives or deep dives. Whether you are a beginner, a newbie or an experienced diver, we will find the right place for you.
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Sunrise Dives Package in El Nido

Sunrise Dives are worth it here. The show starts by an incredible sunrise. Underwater, you will be grateful! It's a tremendous experience.