North Rock: A Great Dive Site for Pelagic

North Rock is a breathtaking dive! It has an amazing variety of diving environments and marine life. Especially it is a great dive site for pelagic sighting.

North Rock: A Great Dive Site for Pelagic

North Rock is the most  Northern island of the group of Tres Marias, a marine protected area. Located near Miniloc at the center of Bacuit Bay, his location makes it a great dive site for pelagic sight. It is an ideal stop over for deep-sea fish that want to get checked by the resident cleaner wrasses. That’s why we are always excited to go there! You never know what can stop by!

North Rock: Different topography

North Rock has an amazing variety of topography and different diving environments. On one side, you can find a vast flat reef with huge table corals, massive corals and stag horns. This is where we can encounter black tip shark!
Toward the channel located on the Southern part of the island, there is a really nice swim through. It is composed by huge rocks. There is a cleaning station on the top of a beautiful branching cup coral frequently visited by golden jacks and big pompano fish.

map north rock dive site el nido palawan divers

North Rock: diving information

• Depth: 5-30 meters
• Viz: 15-30 meters
• Current: moderate to strong
• Getting there: 30 minutes by boat
• Best months: Nov-May

North Rock: Marine life

What you can see: Spade Fish • Jack • Sea Turtle • Crocodile Fish • Angel Fish (8 different species) • Reef Octopus • Unicorn fish • Brown Marbled Grouper • Yellow tail barracuda  •Table Corals • Branching cup coral

If you’re lucky: Black Tip Reef Shark • Eagle Ray • Manta Ray • Bumphead Parrotfish 

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