We are an Aqua Lung Partner Center !

Aqua Lung’s Partner Centers are dive centers around the world that have gone through an extensive selection process.

Each Aqua Lung Partner Center offers:
• Up-to-date and well-maintained rental scuba diving equipment
• Inspected and tested cylinders and valves
• Factory trained repair technicians who can service Aqua Lung equipment
• A friendly and qualified staff that will make your dive experience memorable

Our Scuba Diving Equipment

For more than ten years, Palawan Divers has been focused on providing good scuba diving equipment to our guests. Our 2 technicians, Edgar and Ariel pride themselves to be always checking, cleaning and maintaining our equipment. They are official certified technicians and have followed the required equipment service training offered by our supplier Aqualung.

Our Scuba Diving Equipment – Your safety is our priority

We are very aware that each time you dive you are trusting your life to the equipment you use. Our PADI Instructors ultimately decide on the equipment we stock. Our diving tanks are checked and cleaned regularly as well as our 3 compressors.

Our Scuba Diving Equipment – What do we provide?

Palawan Divers provides equipment for every size and age. If your child would like to try diving don’t worry, we have adapted 10 liter tanks, kids size BCD, wetsuits, fins and masks!


We offer 3mm long suits and for those who don’t feel like wearing a long suit we also offer 3mm shorties.


For those who use a bit more air we also have 3 x 15L tanks. We offer these to our guests at no additional charge! For the kids we have small tanks available.

Our tank sizes:

12.2 L Cylinder 300BAR DIN/INT (YOKE) Valve
15L     Cylinder 300BAR DIN/INT (YOKE) Valve
10L     Cylinder 300BAR DIN/INT (YOKE) Valve


We also offer 3 sets of side mount equipment which can be rented on request.

If you have special requests about our scuba diving equipment, call (+63)9 177 743 210, email us at: hello@palawan-divers.org or use our contact form