Managers and instructors

Palawan Divers Team is run and managed by Matteo and Filip. Both started working and teaching for Palawan Divers in 2014. In those years they have become best of friends. This also reflects in the diving center. Being professional and at the same time making the center a diving family that’s what counts for them. Sharing their passion for diving and their love for the underwater world.

Matteo was born in El Nido but with Italian roots. Born and raised in El Nido, the Bacuit Bay has been his backyard as long as he can remember. He knows the bay and its marine life like the back of his hand.  He speaks Tagalog, English and Italian.

Filip is from Belgium. He has more than 10 years of teaching experience in 6 different countries. Filip is on top of the quality of our PADI courses. You can count on him to give you a complete and safe dive instruction with world-class quality. He speaks English, French, Dutch and basic German.


Ayn is from the Philippines. After 10 years of working in finance she finally changed her office for the blue waters of Palawan. She started her diving career in Coron and quickly moved to El Nido. On our boat she is definitely our biggest smile and loudest laugh. Fun and professionalism guaranteed with her. She can teach in English and Tagalog.

Instructor Lenoel

Lenoel is originally from Davao in the East of the Philippines. With more than ten years of teaching experience he is definitely our most experienced, charismatic instructor and very patient. Before settling down with his wife and kids in El Nido, he was teaching in Davao, Bohol and Boracay. He can teach in English and Tagalog.

Julien is from France. Before starting his career in diving. He worked in business management. He started diving in South America and did his PADI instructor course here in El Nido and never left. Julien loves teaching and you will know him from his positive and enthusiastic attitude. He is a man of languages. He can teach in French, English and Spanish.



Jok Jok is our local in-house divemaster. He grew up in El Nido and has been diving for more than 10 years in Bacuit Bay. If you see him very excited underwater, it means he has spotted yet another beautiful sea animal. Always smiling and energetic, you’re bound to have a fun dive experience with him.

Darrel aka “Noy” joined Palawan Divers Team in 2013. Originally from the Visayas, he started as a crew and quickly became boat captain. We noticed his commitment, intelligence and natural ability to care for guests. Diving was second nature to him. It didn’t take long to train him from Open Water all the way to Divemaster. He is “MADE IN PALAWAN DIVERS”. With Darrel, you’ll surely be in good hands.

Joel is originally from Mindoro. He has been diving all around the Philippines. He has made his home of El Nido and has been part of the team since 2014. He is very experienced and is the best storyteller ever. From diving with whalesharks to spotting macro-life in Anilao. He has seen it all.

Palawan Divers Team


Gladis accounting, accommodating guests and much more. She’s always there to assist you.

Ruby is the face of the diving center. She’s our front office secretary. Always energetic. A happy face and a big smile that’s how you can describe her.

Florence is from Puerto Princesa. She’s our office captain who is in charge of all the paperwork, organizes the office staff  and is literally the heart and soul behind our Palawan Divers Team.

Zairah is the newest member of our team.


palawan divers kitchen


Yhan is the one who makes sure that we have amazing food on our boats. Every day he prepares warm lunch made from fresh local ingredients. His meatballs and curries are loved by not only our guests but also the Palawan Divers team!

Karyl is Yhan’s assistant. Not only in our kitchen but also in real life they are a team. Together they make sure our food is always tasty and fresh.


Boat captains

Romel is the kuya (or big brother) to everyone in the Palawan Divers Team. With over more than 15 years of experience as a captain he is another pillar of our team. The crew look up to him. With him on the boat you can be sure to be in safe hands.

Jayson is not only our captain but also mechanic. He is a jack of all trades. Still young but full of energy and eager to learn. He’s from Palawan and joined us in 2013.

Ryan is from Tay Tay. He joined us in 2013. He is our third captain and soon to become divemaster. If he’s not driving the boat you’ll find him under the water. Reliable and hardworking.

palawan divers crew

Dive crew

Darryl aka “Tike” has been with Palawan Divers since 2011. He grow up in El Nido. He comes from a fishermen family and being on the boat has become second nature to him. He’s our relieve captain and is probably the strongest man on our team.

John Joseph aka “JayJay” is originally from Luzon area. After working in manila he came back to his family and the island life of Palawan. He is also soon to become divemaster. Besides being a future divemaster he is also an experienced freediver. With or without a tank on his back, the underwater world is his domain.

Jun is also from Palawan. He can do anything. From sometimes driving the boat to preparing the food for our boats when our chef is on holiday.

Hyram is the youngest member of our Palawan Divers Team. He used to work for an environmental organization. In 2015 he did his Open Water course with us and decided to change jobs. His energetic and youthfull character brings a lot of laughter on our boats.

palawan divers compressor team

Compressor Team

Edgar is everyone’s kuya or big brother. He’s been with us since Palawan Divers opened. He is our most experienced and trained technician and leader of the Palawan Divers Team. He’s responsible for the diving gear and our compressors.  He thinks he’s fluent in French and Japanese and that’s why he often makes the people around him laugh.

Ariel is originally from the North of Palawan. He is Trained by Edgar and has a mind for everything which is mechanical. Any brand, any type of regulator can be serviced by him. Together with Edgar they make sure our equipment and compressors are taken good care off!

Alvin joined us in 2016. He left the capital of Palawan, Puerto Princessa and made his home of El Nido. He takes care of the compressor room. Servicing and filling tanks is one of his duties. But if he’s not taking care of the tanks you can find him on our boats. Always friendly, always helpful, always in good hands with Alvin!

Aries joined us in 2015. Brother of Ariel also takes care of our tanks. As his brother has a mind for everything that is mechanical. Aries has a mind for the electrical world. He’s our electrician and crew.