Paradise Beach Dive Site: Our natural swimming pool in El Nido

Paradise Beach in El Nido, Philippines – A flawless training ground, tailored to nurture our students’ skills and potential!

The Paradise Beach Dive Site:

Nestled on Cadlao Island, a mere 15-minute boat ride away from El Nido town, lies our Paradise Beach dive site.

This shallow dive site features a sandy bottom and boasts surface and water conditions that remain consistently calm for most of the year. This pristine setting makes Paradise Beach the ideal training ground for our confined sessions in the Open Water Course, as well as training dives for the Advanced and Rescue Course.

The dive site gently slopes from 1 to 18 meters. It also features a shallow coral garden. Here, lucky student divers can spot turtles, numerous clownfish, lion fish and playful pufferfish.

As you venture into the sandy expanse, keep an eye out for fascinating critters like the flamboyant cuttlefish and elusive seahorses. These sightings are more common between January and March when the water temperature drops.

Paradise beach: Diving Information

  • Depth: beach to 18 meters
  • Visibility: 5-30 meters
  • Current: no current
  • Travel time: 15 minutes by boat
  • Best months: November to May

Paradise Beach: Marine Life

Get ready to encounter:

Green Sea Turtle • Sea Anemone • Anemone Fish • pufferfish • cowfish • Sea Anemone • Morray Eel
• Lionfish

Keep an eye out for Flamboyant cuttle fish, Seahorse when the water gets cooler.

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