Unveiling the Enchanting Underwater Forest in El Nido

Explore Popolkan Dive Site, El Nido, Philippines. Vibrant corals, marine life, & captivating pinnacles await in this unforgettable dive.

Discover the Wonders of Popolkan Diving Site!

If you’re a diving enthusiast seeking an extraordinary underwater experience, look no further than Popolkan Diving Site, also known as Popolkan Forest. Nestled south of Bacuit Bay, this small rocky outcrop offers divers a chance to explore the underwater forest. The journey from El Nido town to Popolkan Diving Site takes approximately 45 minutes, allowing you to immerse yourself in the stunning beauty of the surroundings.

Popolkan Diving Site: Diving Information

  • Depth: 5-32 meters
  • Visibility: 5-10 meters (deeper part) / 10-25 meters (shallower part)
  • Current: Moderate to none
  • Travel time: 45 minutes by boat
  • Best months: November to May

Popolkan Diving Site: Marine Life 

Get ready to encounter:

Soft Coral • Green and hawksbill turtles • School of yellow snappers • School of barracuda • Groupers • Bluespotted stingray • Scorpion fish • Lionfish • Moray eel • Nudibranch

Dive into a Captivating Underwater Maze!

Popolkan Diving Site promises an unforgettable adventure, especially for advanced divers. At a depth of 30 meters, you’ll encounter a fascinating labyrinth of pinnacles adorned with exquisite soft corals, creating a vibrant and colorful spectacle. Be captivated by schools of tiny glass fish darting around, while lionfish patiently await their next meal.  Schools of barracuda and yellow snappers add to the excitement, and keep an eye on the curious groupers and graceful blue spotted stingrays gliding near the sandy areas surrounding the pinnacles.

For macro photography enthusiasts, the deeper sections of Popolkan Diving Site offer excellent opportunities. Spot various nudibranchs, shrimps, crabs, and octopuses hiding amidst the soft corals, creating perfect moments for capturing stunning shots.

As you explore the depths, remember to monitor your no-decompression limit, as most pinnacles range between 32 and 22 meters in depth, suitable for experienced divers only! After exploring the deeper areas, effortlessly swim towards the island and conclude your dive in the shallower waters. Here, you’re likely to encounter friendly turtles and witness more schools of yellow snappers.

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