Our Sunrise Dives in El Nido: why do we wake up so early?

For those of you who want to be in the thick of the action before everyone wakes up, then join us for the sunrise dive!
Our 2 sunrise dives trip is designed to dive amid the incredibly wide variety of our Bacuit Bay’s marine life. Most of the fishes are hidden during the day. But when the sun rises, it’s like fireworks underwater as marine life scurry out of their homes and greet you “Good morning!”
During the boat trip, you can encounter turtles or dolphins bob up and down the water. Under the surface, you get more chances of saying ‘hello’ to amazing creatures like sharks, napoleon brass, schools of barracuda, eagle rays, and a lot more. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

Sunrise Dive - El Nido
Sunrise Dive - El Nido

Our Sunrise Dives in El Nido: How does it work?

We meet at 5:30 at the shop to leave around 6:00. Then, we will be on spot around 6:30. We do 2 dives and are back around 11:00. We select dive sites based on where we are likely to have the best conditions and the experience of the divers on board. We try to ensure that you will not be repeating dive sites during your stay (unless you want to, of course!). And if you want to have a more personal experience, go for our private trips!

Your safety and comfort are very  important to us, so you can expect the focused, undivided attention of our staff. To make your day safe and cozy, we limit the number of divers to 8 per boat, with a maximum of 4 divers per divemaster.

Our Sunrise Dives in El Nido: Package

You can pay by Paypal or credit card (at no extra charge). All our prices are fixed.

Our sunrise dive package includes: full dive gear, a dive guide, boat travel, warm lunch made from fresh local ingredients, hot and cold drinks and cookies. Flash lights for the sunrise dive are also included. All our prices do not include the Eco Tourism Development fee that has to be paid in cash. This ticket costs P200 and is valid for 10 days.
Note: All our packages has to be paid in Filipino Pesos. The prices in US$ and €Euros are informative.

It is best that you contact us to book your trips. Space is limited and may sell out for the dates of your vacation. Call +639 399 581 076 or +639 17 743 210. Contact us at: hello@palawan-divers.org or use our form.

Please review our dive policies and procedures for more information.

Our Sunrise Dives in El Nido: Where do we go?

Destacado Reef is a shallow reef located on the outskirt of Bacuit Bay, west of Guntao island. Because of the long travel distance we only go diving in this area during our sunrise trips by speedboat. This is where we will bring you if you want to go for a shark diving in El Nido. It is pretty far. Travel time from Town is approximately 30 minutes depending on sea conditions.

Find more information on our webpage about Destcado Rock here: https://www.palawan-divers.org/diving-with-sharks-in-el-nido/

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