The PADI eLearning Open Water Course: why El Nido and the Philippines?

With rich marine biodiversity, beautiful sceneries the Philippines is a great place for diving. But with its calm sea conditions and amazing surroundings, El Nido is an ideal place to start diving. The PADI eLearning Open Water Course is a 2- or 3-day program that provides the knowledge and skills you need to become a certified diver. After completing the theories online, you can begin your in-water training with your instructor. It’s easy, exciting and fun!

Duration: 2 to 3 days
Time: 8:00am – 4:00pm
Days: Daily
Dives: 6 Dives

Dive ration: 2 students per instructor

Conditions: Age 12 and above. A Confidential Medical Form must be filled out prior to enrollment and a physician’s release may be required. Please review our dive policies and procedures for more information. Feel free to ask questions. Contact us!

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The PADI Open Water Course: the theory

Before going underwater, you need knowledge on the fundamentals of diving: safety, equipment, environment and techniques. Your manual consists of five chapters each followed by exercises that test your understanding. You can study the Open Water Course theory here in Palawan Divers independently with your manual and videos. Once you have signed for your course, you get your own PADI Open Water manual -that you will keep- and we lend you a fancy numeric tablet to watch the videos. At the end of the day, your instructor will then review the exercises with you in class, expand on the key points and give you a short quiz on each chapter. It takes 12 to 15 hours.

The best option is the PADI Open Water Course eLearning

Go through the theory online in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace and on your own schedule.You have access to interactive presentations that include videos, audios, graphics and reading. Short quizzes let you gauge your progress and review or correct anything you might miss. You eliminate the need to study on vacation.

How to subscribe? Just book with us! To do so, we ask for a 50% down payment through Paypal. An account is not required. A credit card is enough. Once your booking confirmed, your eLearning access code will be sent to you. It’s safe, easy and makes sure slot is available. Space is limited and may sell out for the dates of your vacation. Contact us!

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The PADI Open Water Course: Theory done! Let’s go diving!

Congratulations, you did it! Now, you’re in the Philippines in El Nido! You will meet with your instructor and our team, complete the eLearner Quick Review, fill out the documents and fit your equipment. Done? Tomorrow, you will dive! The diving part of the course is divided into two segments: 5 confined water sessions and 4 open water dives combined in 6 dives.

Day 1: 3 Confined water sessions & 2 open water dives

In the morning, you will start by learning the basics in shallow waters followed by your first open water dives. Just before lunch break you jump into the water for a 200-yard swim and a 10-minute float. After a break, you go for another open water dive. By 3:30 pm, we will be back in Palawan Divers for a debriefing.

Day 2: 2 Confined water sessions & 2 open water dives

You will complete your remaining confined water sessions and open water dives. The last dive will bring you to 18 meters. By the end of the day, you will have done what it takes to be an Open Water diver!

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Our PADI Open Water course price: Php23,500

You can pay by cash and by Paypal or credit card (at no extra charge). All our prices are fixed. 

Our course package includes: full diving gear and PADI instructive materials, PADI certification card, instructor’s fee, boat travel, warm lunch made from fresh local ingredients, hot and cold drinks and cookies. Our package does not include the Eco Tourism Development fee and has to be paid in cash. This ticket costs Php200 and is valid for 10 days.

It is best that you contact us to book your eLearning Open Water Diver course. Space is limited and may sell out for the dates of your vacation.

Call +63 48 244 03 81 ∙ Email us at: or use our contact form.

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I’m a certified Open Water diver. What happens after?

Congratulations! You have completed your course. If you liked diving with us (which we’re pretty sure you will), you can join our daily trips and test your new diving skills, or make the most of your time and get another certification.