Already a certified diver? Let us take you scuba diving in El Nido’s underwater world and explore world class islands. Whether you like shallow dives, vertical walls, sandy flats, tunnels, drift dives or deep dives, we’ll find the right place for you. Our well-trained guides have been scuba diving in the bay for many years. Together with our captains they will select dive sites based on conditions and the level of the divers on board. If you dive multiple days with us we choose different dive sites each day as long as weather conditions allow.

Palawan Divers has two traditional boats and one speedboat. Irawadi IV is a 30 feet speedboat which can take you to one of El Nido’s 20 dive sites all within 20 minutes. Irawadi V and II are our two local banka boats with the traditional bamboo outriggers. They are used for our courses and fundive day trips. Your safety and comfort are very important to us, so you can expect the focused, undivided attention of our staff. To make sure you will enjoy your day of diving we limit the number of divers to a maximum of 4 divers per Divemaster. We also split up the groups according to certification level.

Package Discounts:
Maximum combined discount of 10%

Own equipment discount:
Full Equipment (Min. BCD & Regulator): 5%

Multiple diving days:
3 or more days: 5%

Group discount:
4-7 PAX : 5% discount

Price for Instructor/Divemaster (no additional discount):
Full Day Trip – 3 dives: PHP 4,300
Morning Trip – 2 dives: PHP 3,800
Sunrise dive – 2 Dives: PHP 4,500

FULL DAY TRIP (Traditional Boat)

Join us for a full day of scuba diving in El Nido's Bacuit Bay. You will not only explore it's amazing underwater world but at the same time experience the beauty of the bay. You will dive around the area of lagoons, beaches and experience world class sceneries.

We always meet at 7:30 in the morning in our office. After a cup of coffee or tea and a short briefing in our lounge area we leave from the beach around 8:00am, and are back around 3:30pm. We plan in 2 dives in the morning and one after lunch.

scuba diving in El Nido

MORNING TRIP (Speedboat)

Join us for our morning day program with our 30 feet speedboat. This halve day program will allow you to have the best of both. Explore El Nido's underwater world. Be back in time in El Nido town for lunch and have the rest of the afternoon to relax on the beach or do some other activity.

We always meet at 7:30 in the morning in our office. After a cup of coffee or tea and a short briefing in our lounge area we leave from the beach around 8:00am. We do 2 dives and are back around 11:30am.

SUNRISE TRIP (Speedboat)

Join us for our our 2 dives Sunrise package with our 30 feet speedboat and experience the best El Nido has to offer.

What makes the sunrise dive really enjoyable and unique is the remote dive sites we go. Destacado reef is at the outskirts of the Baquit Bay. It's the only place where you have a good chance to encounter black-tip reef sharks. For the sunrise dive we meet at 5:30 in the morning and come back around 11:00am.

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