Dining & Nightlife in El Nido: Explore Culinary Delights & Nighttime Vibes

Indulge in El Nido’s diverse dining and nightlife. Uncover incredible venues for delightful cuisine and vibrant evenings of entertainment.

Caalan Area - Just a Short Walk from Town

  • Jinjer Restaurant (by Cadlao): Indulge in a fusion of local and international cuisine amidst a tranquil backdrop, accompanied by the gentle symphony of ocean waves. Visit their website
  • Henri’s El Nido: Perched atop a picturesque hill, commanding panoramic views of El Nido’s shimmering waters and captivating sunsets, Henri’s stands out with its remarkable three-level property that introduces a fresh perspective to dining. Explore More

Heart of El Nido

  • Hama Coffee: Relish a leisurely time at this relaxed lounge and coffee shop, offering not only exceptional brews but also the town’s most spectacular views. Discover More
  • Oppa Korean Restaurant: Fulfill your cravings for genuine Korean flavors at Oppa, where culinary authenticity and traditions harmonize. Learn More
  • Gusto Gelato & Bistro: Dive into an array of treats, from crepes and waffles to homemade Italian gelato, meticulously crafted for your pleasure. Explore More
  • Angel Wish: Taste the essence of Filipino seafood delights right by the pristine beach.
  • Rice 8 Spice: Encounter Asian-inspired takeaways conveniently located in El Nido town. Discover More
  • Scape Skydeck: Elevate your experience at this rooftop lounge bar, offering panoramic vistas, delectable cuisine, and cozy accommodation. Learn More
  • El Nido Boutique Art Cafe: Immerse yourself in an eco-friendly haven, savoring homemade comfort food while enjoying live music. Discover More
  • Happiness Beach Bar: Embark on a culinary voyage with authentic Middle Eastern cuisine embellished with a Mediterranean twist, using locally sourced ingredients. Explore More
  • Gorgonzola Pizza & Pasta: Relish the authenticity of handcrafted Italian culinary masterpieces that captivate your palate. Learn More
  • Ashoka: Traverse the flavors of India through Ashoka’s authentic and aromatic dishes. Discover More

Corong Corong Area - Just a Quick Tricycle Ride Away:

  • Bella Vita: Witness mesmerizing sunsets while indulging in genuine Italian delicacies on the serene beachfront. Explore More
  • La Plage Restaurant: Delight in the fusion of French and Asian flavors, all accompanied by stunning vistas, at this sunset bar and restaurant.
  • Bulalo Plaza: Indulge in an authentic Filipino culinary experience at this simple local restaurant situated along the highway. Know More
  • Blend & Grind: Start your day right with a delicious breakfast. This coffee shop, located in Pop’s district, offers a perfect way to fuel up before you embark on your exciting adventures. Discover More

Nightlife Revelry: Unwind and Experience the Night

  • The Pangolin: Savor artfully crafted cocktails and groove to the beats of daily DJs at the heart of El Nido. Learn More
  • Savah: Immerse yourself in the laid-back atmosphere of a beachfront lounge bar in El Nido town, offering a modern vibe, along with cocktails, drinks, and delicious food. Explore More
  • Rooftop Bar: Find solace at this native-style bar, perfect for unwinding amidst a relaxed ambiance. Know More
  • District El Nido: Join the festivities with live DJs, delightful beverages, and a vivacious atmosphere that will keep you dancing all night long. Discover More
  • Pukka Bar: Immerse yourself in the local nightlife at Pukka Bar, a favored spot for an animated and spirited evening out. Learn More
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