Explore El Nido: Island hop and dive for the ultimate adventure!

Discover El Nido’s islands and diving with our exclusive package. Enjoy lagoons, beaches, and underwater wonders in one perfect adventure.

Private Island hopping and diving – Combine the best of both worlds in the Philippines!

Begin your day by visiting one of the stunning lagoons before the crowds arrive. Thanks to Palawan Divers, we prioritize the lagoon visit, ensuring you have the tranquil experience you deserve. Following the lagoon exploration, embark on a journey to discover El Nido’s captivating underwater world.

As lunchtime approaches, revel in the beauty of beach bliss. Enjoy a delicious meal and a surface interval on one of Bacuit Bay’s untouched, white sandy beaches, with the iconic limestone cliffs providing a picturesque backdrop.

To conclude this extraordinary day, partake in an afternoon dive before returning to El Nido town. If you prefer to explore another island in the afternoon instead of diving, no worries. Your desires dictate the itinerary, as it’s your private boat – your preferences guide the way. Experience the freedom of choice and the luxury of a personalized island-hopping and diving adventure with Palawan Divers.

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