PADI Deep Specialty Course

It is thrilling to explore deeper dive sites. To scuba dive with confidence down to 40 metres, you should take the PADI Deep Diver Specialty course.

Why take the PADI Deep Diver Specialty course?

There’s something exciting and mysterious about exploring deep dive sites. But without proper training this kind of diving is an uncontrollable safety risk. To plan your dives properly you must first know about all of the potential risks involved in Deep Diving. A wreck might be attractive as well as a school of fish on a dive wall. Whatever it is, to scuba dive with confidence at depths down to 40 meters (130 feet), you should take the PADI Deep Diver Specialty course.

The PADI Deep Diver Specialty course: what will you learn?

First, visit us and get your PADI Deep Specialty instructive material that includes your manual and video. You will read your manual and watch the video by your own before meeting with one of instructor.

You will discuss on the planning and organizing of Deep Dives, the Depth Limits, Specific Equipment Requirements, Deep Diving Techniques, Nitrogen Narcosis, Decompression Sickness, Recreational Dive Planner Review, Emergency Equipment and post dive procedures. Such discussions may be held either in our classroom or during the open water segments to reinforce the practical applications.

This course consists of four open water dives + 1 fun dive and takes 2 days. 
You can even do an additional fun dive to get some more experience in. 

eLearning the best option! PADI Deep Diver Specialty Course El Nido

Go through the theory online in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace and on your own schedule. The eLearning is now available in 26 languages. Knowledge Reviews at the end of each chapter let you check your progress and review anything you might have missed. You eliminate the need to study on vacation.

How to subscribe for the eLearning course? To receive access for the online course we ask for a 50% down payment through our website.  Once your booking is confirmed, your eLearning access code will be sent to your email address which you can then download on your phone, tablet or laptop and start studying. We only teach 2 students per instructor.

Studying back home is the best option. You will complete the theory online before arriving in El Nido. It’s more comfortable to move through the program efficiently and at your own pace. Short quizzes let you check your progress and review or correct anything you might miss.

A Typical Schedule

Palawan Divers usually plans 3 dives per day. We meet at 8:00am and are back at around 3:30pm. The quality, safety and comfort of your course are very important to us, so you can expect the focused, undivided attention of our staff. We limit the number of divers to 10 per boat, with a maximum of 2 students per instructor.

• Course Timetable:

Day 1
: Open Water #1 – between 18 and 30 meters⎮Open Water #2 – between 18 and 24 meters + fun dive
Day 2: Open Water #3 – between 30 and 40 meters⎮Open Water #4 – between 18 and 30 meters

Our PADI Deep Diver Specialty course package 

• Add Php1,200 for an extra fun dive on the second day

In our office you can pay by:
– Cash
– Paypal
– Wise transfer
– Credit card (3.5% bank charge)

Local payment methods such as:
– Gcash,
– Bank transfer are also available. 

Our PADI Deep Diver Specialty Course package includes full diving gear, online PADI certification, instructor’s fee, boat travel, warm lunch made from fresh local ingredients, fruits, hot and cold drinks.
Our package does not include the Eco Tourism Development fee and has to be paid in cash. This ticket costs Php200 and is valid for 10 days.

Groups discount:
4-7 PAX : 5% discount
Continuing Education discount:
5% discount on your next course!
Extra day of Fun Diving after your Course:
Php4,300 full day trip – 3 dives (instead of Php4,800!)

I’m a certified PADI Deep diver. What next?

Congratulations! You are now a PADI Deep diver. You can join us on our daily trips and test your new diving skills or continue your training and get another certification at discounted rate!

Deep Specialty

Explore Deeper Sites
PHP 16,000
  • EN | FR | ES | PH | NL | IT
  • 2 Days | 5 Dives
  • eLearning
  • scuba-diving SCUBA Gear
  • Dive Computer
  • Food & Drinks
  • Ratio 2 : 1
  • Palawan Divers Logbook
  • Palawan Divers Shirt
1 free dive
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