Weather in El Nido

The weather in El Nido together with the sea conditions are most of the time easy with good visibility, low current, wind and waves.

Dry Season – High Season (Dec–Apr)

  • The High season is the dry season. December to February are the coolest and most pleasant months. After February the weather in El Nido starts to get very hot and humid with no rain at all.
  • This is also the start of plankton season. Visibility might be affected by plankton bloom and the water is a bit colder than usual (25-26C°).

Shoulder Season (May and Nov)

  • During the month of May rising temperatures prepare El Nido for the wet season.
  • November is the end of the rainy season with good weather and a flat sea.
  • The shoulder season has probably the best time of the year to dive in El Nido. The visibility can go up to more then 30 meters with a maximum water temperature of 30C°. The weather in El Nido is at its best!

Rainy Season – Low Season (Jun–Sep)

  • Passing typhoons can cause days of torrential rains.
  • Trips can be cancelled due to the weather. The visibility stays good in general except after a typhoon the visibility can drop for a couple of days.

To get a real update of the weather in the Philippines please check the official weather forecast website PAGASA.

Different seasons, different marine life to see!

  • January to March is the best time to see plankton feeders. During these months you may have a very small chance to encounter a whale shark or manta Ray. But you still have to be very lucky!
  • January to May when the water temperature drops is the best time to spot macro life. You will have a good chance to see ghost pipe fish, frogfish, nudies and many more.
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