El Nido's Weather Patterns and Seasonal Marine Marvels

Unveil El Nido’s weather allure and marine marvels in this guide. Embrace favorable seas, superb visibility, and diverse marine encounters.

Dry Season – High Season (Dec–Apr)

El Nido’s high season aligns with the dry period from December to February. These months offer the most pleasant and cool climate. However, as February unfolds, El Nido experiences hotter and more humid weather with minimal rainfall. This phase also heralds the onset of the plankton season. Keep in mind that visibility might be influenced by plankton blooms, and the water temperature can be slightly cooler than the usual range (25-26°C).

Shoulder Season (May and Nov)

May ushers in rising temperatures, signaling El Nido’s shift towards the impending wet season. By November, the rainy season concludes, bestowing agreeable weather and tranquil seas. The shoulder season emerges as the optimal time for diving in El Nido. During this period, visibility often exceeds an impressive 30 meters, complemented by water temperatures that reach up to 30°C. This season truly presents El Nido’s weather at its finest!

Rainy Season – Low Season (Jun–Sep)

The rainy season spans from June to September and is susceptible to the impact of passing typhoons, resulting in periods of intense rainfall. Consequently, weather-related trip cancellations are plausible. Nonetheless, visibility generally remains satisfactory, except for a brief reduction following a typhoon.

For the latest weather forecasts in the Philippines, kindly refer to the official PAGASA website.

Distinct Seasons, Diverse Marine Encounters!

January to March: These months offer a prime opportunity to witness plankton feeders. While encountering a whale shark or manta ray during this period is uncommon, fortune may favor the adventurous!

January to May: As water temperatures decrease, this period offers an ideal chance to explore macro marine life. Ghost pipefish, frogfish, nudibranchs, and a myriad of other captivating species are frequently sighted during these months.

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