Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there ATM’s in El Nido? There are now many ATM’s and 2 banks in El Nido. It is always recommended to bring some extra cash.  In our office we also accept credit card – VISA/Mastercard (3.5 bank charge).
  • Is food included on our trips? For our full day program lunch is included. You’ll get fruits between the first and second dive as well.
  • Do you cater for vegans or vegetarians? Yes we do!
  • Can I eat before a dive? A light breakfast before a dive is recommended.
  • How long does a dive last? This depends on each person. People breathe at different rates. Beginners will in general use more air. For the discovery the dives last around 40 minutes and for our fun divers we have a planned dive time of 50 minutes. But we are flexible. If you are good on air your divemaster will be happy to stay down a bit longer with you.
  • What is the temperature of the water like? From December to February the water temp. can go down to around 24 degrees and during summer months the water will go up to about 30 degrees. We offer long and short wetsuits.
  • I’m not sure to do 2 or 3 dives? No problem if you are not sure. We always have extra tanks on our boat. You can decide on the spot.
  • Do you rent diving computers? Yes we do. We rent diving computers for Php250.
  • Do you offer pictures of our dive? We work together with a professional underwater photography company “Fisheye Underwater Productions” which can join you during one of your dives. The pictures are for sale at the end of the day. Buying is not mandatory.
  • Do you offer Nitrox? Yes we offer Nitrox for an extra cost of Php350 per tank.
  • What do I need to bring with me on the excursion? A hat, sunglasses, a towel. If you tend to get motion sickness it’s recommended that you take a seasickness tablet in the morning. Water is provided.
  • Can I drink alcohol before diving? Alcohol is not allowed.
  • How deep will I go? For the discovery program you will go to a maximum depth of 12 meters. If you are certified your maximum depth is according to your certification level.
  • How old do you have to be? A minor from 10 till 18 years old will need a written consent from a parent or guardian to dive with us. Kids between 8 and 10 years old can sign up for the Bubblemaker course.
  • Is scuba diving dangerous? Statistics show that recreational Scuba diving is almost as safe as swimming.
  • I have done a discovery. Can I dive with qualified divers?  You can’t dive with certified divers as long as you haven’t done your PADI Open Water Course.
  • I wear my contact lenses under the mask? You can dive with lenses. Note that you can’t wear glasses under your mask.
  • Can my friends join as passenger? It is no problem for non-divers to join for snorkeling . or relaxing on the boat as long as we have extra spots available. We do prioritize divers. Al our dive sites have in general nice snorkel areas in the shallow parts. The price for snorkeling is Php1,000 (equipment and lunch included).
  • I have asthma. Is it possible to dive? If you have asthma you will need a medical certification signed by your doctor which allows you to go diving. Without a medical it will not be possible to dive.
  • How soon can I fly after a dive? For safety reasons, allow minimum 18 hours between your last dive and your flight. Diving after flying is not a problem.
  • I have a cold and a cough can I dive? It is recommended not to dive if you have a cold. It will be difficult to equalize the ears or sinuses.
  • I am pregnant, can I dive? Because physiologists know little about the effects of diving on the fetus pregnant women should not dive.
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