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Explore our premier dive facilities in central El Nido. Easily accessible by foot or tricycle, ensuring an exceptional diving adventure.

main office el nido palawan divers

Our main office

Make yourself comfortable in our main office, where you can relax, gear up, and meet our dedicated team. Enjoy the following amenities:

  • Spacious shop
  • Changing room
  • Shower and toilet facilities
  • Areas for studying, logging dives, and socializing
  • Rinsing area with camera spot
  • Gear room for those bringing their own equipment
  • Wi-Fi access

Our booking office

Located in the heart of El Nido, near the town municipality, our booking office and boutique offer a convenient location to sign up for diving and browse our collection of locally made products for sale.

booking office el nido palawan divers

Our boats

Experience diving in comfort and style aboard our boats, Irawadi II & IV. Irawadi II, originally a local fishing boat, has been transformed into a comfortable diving vessel while retaining its traditional outriggers. Irawadi IV is a 225 HP speedboat. To prioritize safety and ensure an enjoyable experience, we limit the number of guests on each boat.

Irawadi IV

  • Diver capacity: 12
  • Length: 10m
  • 225 HP Mercury engine
  • Complimentary drinking water, brewed coffee, tea, and fruits
  • O2 equipment and first-aid box
  • Spare dive equipment and toolbox

Irawadi II

  • Diver capacity: 16
  • Length: 18m
  • Complimentary drinking water, brewed coffee, tea, and fruits
  • O2 equipment and first-aid box
  • Spare dive equipment and toolbox

Our boats: What's an Irawadi ?

Although it may sound similar to the famous river in Myanmar, Irawadi is actually an endangered dolphin species found in the waters of El Nido. Resembling the beluga, approximately 60 of them inhabit the Bacuit Bay and Tay Tay areas.

Our Scuba Diving Equipment

At Palawan Divers, we prioritize providing high-quality scuba diving equipment to ensure the safety and comfort of our guests. Our dedicated technicians, Edgar and Ariel, take pride in consistently checking, cleaning, and maintaining our equipment. They are certified technicians who have undergone the necessary equipment service training provided by our supplier, Aqualung.

Our Scuba Diving Equipment - What do we provide?

Palawan Divers offers a range of equipment suitable for all sizes and ages. If your child wishes to try diving, rest assured that we have adapted 10-liter tanks, kid-sized BCDs, wetsuits, fins, and masks available.


Choose between 3mm full-length suits or 3mm shorties for added flexibility and comfort.


For those who require more air, we also have three 15-liter tanks available at no additional charge. Additionally, we offer smaller tanks for kids.

Our tank sizes:

  • 12.2 L Cylinder 300BAR DIN/INT (YOKE) Valve
  • 15L Cylinder 300BAR DIN/INT (YOKE) Valve
  • 10L Cylinder 300BAR DIN/INT (YOKE) Valve


We also provide three sets of sidemount equipment specifically used for our sidemount training sessions.

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