The emergency first response course teaches through theory and practical assessment how to deal with emergency situations on land. The course is split up in 2 parts. Primary care (CPR) and secondary care (first aid).

Emergency First Response – Primary Care :

Teaches participants how to respond to life-threatening situations through a combination of knowledge development, skill development and realistic scenario practice.  The participants will have the confidence to provide care when emergency situations happen.

Emergency First Response – Secondary Care: 

Covers injuries or illnesses that are not immediately life threatening. Participants focus on secondary assessment. First aid through knowledge development, skill development and realistic scenario practice.

Who can take the EFR course?

Anyone who is interested in learning or refreshing their CPR and first aid skills. There’s no age limit for this course.

What Next?

Once you have finished your EFR Course you can sign up for the PADI Rescue Course. Note that to start the PADI rescue diver course you are required to have a current first aid training like EFR (Emergency First Responder). These skills need to be refreshed at least every 2 years. If your first aid certificate is not current you can do this course with one of our instructors.

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