Exciting Activities in El Nido Beyond Island Tours

Discover diverse activities in El Nido, from water adventures to land explorations. Experience beyond typical island tours for all.

Inwater Activities in El Nido and Surrounding Areas

Island Hopping: Explore the hidden gems of El Nido through island hopping, a must-try adventure. Discover secluded beaches and immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of Bacuit Bay. Snorkeling in the bay’s pristine spots is an essential part of the experience. Choose between group tours or opt for a private boat charter to tailor your adventure.

Tour A: Uncover the famous Big and Secret Lagoon on Miniloc Island and visit Simisu Island, Payong Payong Beach, and 7 Commandos Beach.

Tour B: Embark on a journey to Snake Island, Cudugnon Cave, Pinagbuyutan Island, and Entalula Beach.

Tour C: Dive into Helicopter Island, Matinloc Shrine, Secret Beach, Star Beach, and Hidden Beach. This tour offers a high chance of encountering turtles.

Tour D: Visit the Small Lagoon and explore beaches like Paradise Beach, Bukal Beach, Pasandigan Beach, Ipil Beach, Nat Nat Beach, and the Cadlao Island lagoon.

The tour prices range between Php1,200 and Php1,400 per person, covering lunch, drinking water, and an informative tour guide. For an extended island adventure, opt for overnight trips, available through group bookings or private expeditions arranged by Tao Philippines.

Exploring the Waters by Kayak: Immerse yourself in the tranquil spirit of Robinson Crusoe by venturing to the islands via kayak. The calm waters provide easy access to nearby destinations, such as Cadlao Island. Capture stunning photos, explore beaches, snorkel, and even have close encounters with turtles. Sea kayaking to more distant islands requires experience and an understanding of weather conditions for safety. Kayak rentals, available for half a day or a full day, can be found at Art Cafe. Additionally, kayaks are available at Big Lagoon during designated stopovers.

QI Palawan – A Kiteboarding Paradise: A mere 50-minute journey from El Nido town, QI Palawan awaits on the East Coast of Northern Palawan. This haven offers kiteboarding opportunities for beginners and experienced enthusiasts alike. The remote beach setting boasts optimal wind conditions during the Amihan season (November to April), promising serene waters and pristine shores away from the crowds. Extend your stay to relish the tranquility and natural beauty of the resort, providing a luxurious escape from urban life. Visit their website

Amihan Kite Windsurf Cafe: Experience more water adventures at the Amihan Kite Windsurf Cafe in Teneguiban village. Alongside kite and windsurfing, enjoy a range of watersports. Escape the city buzz in this peaceful environment, savoring delightful cuisine and unwinding amidst watersports activities. Know More

Surfing at Duli Beach: Located an hour away from El Nido town, Duli Beach beckons surf enthusiasts. Consistent swells from November to April make it an ideal surfing destination. Duli Beach Resort offers surfboard rentals and lessons for those eager to ride the waves. For current surf conditions, refer to the Surf El Nido Facebook Page. Visit their website

Dive Sibaltan: Immerse yourself in the vibrant underwater world of North East Palawan’s coral reefs with Dive Sibaltan. Nestled in the quiet fishing village of Sibaltan, this dive center offers morning and full-day diving packages, featuring a highlight – the manta cleaning station. Visit their website

Land-based Adventures in El Nido and Nearby

Namaste El Nido Yoga & Spa: Seek total relaxation at Namaste El Nido Yoga & Spa, offering daily Mysore-style Ashtanga Yoga Classes and a variety of yoga sessions. Indulge in massages and spa treatments for ultimate rejuvenation. Find the center in the Pop District of Corong-Corong. For further information, visit the Namaste El Nido Yoga & Spa Facebook Page. Learn More

EL Nido Canopy Walk: Experience panoramic views from limestone cliffs over Bacuit Bay through the secure and well-organized EL Nido Canopy Walk. Pay an entrance fee of 500 pesos per person, including safety gear, a helmet, and guidance from an experienced tour leader. The journey takes approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. 

Excursions to the North of El Nido

Discover Hidden Treasures: Explore Palawan’s Northern Tip at your own pace, revealing hidden treasures and attractions. Options for transportation include van or tricycle rentals. Motorbikes or scooters are popular, but prioritize safety with proper protective gear and well-maintained vehicles due to changing road conditions.

Lio Beach, El Nido: Situated just 15 minutes from El Nido town, offers leisure facilities amid breathtaking landscapes of majestic mountains and stunning beaches. Experience Ayala Land’s premier tourism estate firsthand.

Nacpan and Calitang – Twin Beaches: Delight in Nacpan and Calitang’s mesmerizing face-to-face beaches, renowned as Palawan’s most spectacular. A scenic 30-minute motorbike ride takes you to these captivating havens.

Nagkalit-Kalit Falls and Makinit Hot Springs: Immerse yourself in the healing hot springs amid lush jungles and refresh with a dip in the waterfall after a forest hike. Access the falls after a 45-minute motorcycle ride followed by a 45-minute trek.

Dagmay Beach: Seek tranquility at Dagmay Beach, a serene and secluded spot perfect for solitude seekers. Timed visits might even offer interactions with local fishermen.

Duli Beach: Just 45 minutes from El Nido, Duli Beach stretches over 4km, embraced by jungle and clear waters.

Ille Cave: Embark on a journey to Ille Cave, famous for its archaeological discoveries dating back 12,000 years. Accessible within a 45-minute drive from El Nido.

Sibaltan Village: The peaceful fishing village invites you to explore untouched beaches and nearby islands. Sibaltan is an hour’s ride away by motorbike or van, offering a perfect day trip.

Southern El Nido Explorations

Maremegmeg Beach: Merely 15 minutes south of El Nido town, Maremegmeg Beach boasts palm-fringed sands and beach shack bars for sunset views.

Kuyawyaw Falls: Reach Kuyawyaw Falls with a 45-minute motorcycle ride or a 20-minute trip from Tay Tay town. The falls consist of three levels, with varying hiking durations.

The Spanish Fuerza de Santa Isabel Fort in Tay Tay: Constructed in 1667, this historical fort played a pivotal role in defending against warrior-raiders. The well-preserved fort stands as a testament to history.

Thrilling Zipline Experience: Enjoy a thrilling zipline adventure connecting Las Cabanas to Depeldet Island. One-way costs Php500, with an additional Php400 for the return journey. Alternatively, low tide allows walking or swimming between the two points. Las Cabanas offers a splendid location to unwind and appreciate sunset vistas over Bacuit Bay.

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