Bubblemaker is 1-day scuba diving course for kids who are curious about trying on scuba equipment and breathing underwater, perhaps not least because they have seen their family members disappear under the surface with a tank attached to them and emerge 45 minutes later with a smile on their face.

Duration: 1 day
Time: 8:00am – 4:00pm
Days: Daily
Dives: 2 or 3 Dives
Age: 8 to 10 years old

Price: Php4,800

      • ● Conditions: Age 8 and above. Parents or a legal guardian has to be onboard the time of the course. A Confidential Medical Form must be filled out prior to enrollment and a physician’s release may be required. Please review our

dive policies

    •  and procedures for more information.

Feel free to ask questions and Contact us!

Kid like adults starts by scuba diving in shallow and sandy area

PADI Bubblemaker course: how does it work?

In the Bubblemaker course we dive together to a maximum depth of 2 metres. On land we first go through how the equipment works and how important it is to breathe continuously. We then practise some basic hand signals as well as equalising our airspaces. The dive itself consists of observing the colourful life of one of our coral reefs in Bacuit Bay.

Under the close guidance of the instructor, kids can explore the shallow and colorful wonders of El Nido’s reefs

At the end of the day you are rewarded with a Bubblemaker Diploma and a big hand of applause.

PADI Bubblemaker course: Php4,800

You can pay by Paypal or credit card (at no extra charge). All our prices are fixed.

Our course package includes: full diving gear and PADI instructive materials, instructor’s fee, boat travel, warm lunch made from fresh local ingredients, hot and cold drinks and cookies. Our package does not include the Eco Tourism Development fee and has to be paid in cash. This ticket costs Php200 and is valid for 10 days.
Note: All our packages has to be paid in Filipino Pesos. The prices in US$ and €uros are informative.

Palawan Divers usually plans 3 dives per day. We leave at 8:00am and are back at around 3:30 pm. The quality, safety and comfort of your course are very important to us, so you can expect the focused, undivided attention of our staff. We limit the number of divers to 8 per boat, with a maximum of 2 kids per instructor.

It is best, if you contact us to book your eLearning Open Water Diver course. Space is limited and may sell out for the dates of your vacation. Call +639 399 581 076 or +639 177 743 210. Contact us at: hello@palawan-divers.org or use our form.

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