Dilumacad Underwater Tunnel – Helicopter Island

From one side of the island to the other, gives it a total length of 40m. The tunnel has a few ceiling holes which makes this dive an incredible spectacle. For advanced divers only

The Dilumacad Underwater Tunnel: one of El Nido’s wonders!

The Tunnel was discovered in early 90’s by a japanese diver. Ask from your diving guide to show you the memorial plate placed at the entrance! Located at 1.5 mile from El Nido, Dilumacad Island – known as Helicopter Island, because of its chopper like shape-, is pretty famous for its cave dive sites named the Tunnel. This dive is on the North side and there is no mooring there. Due to its situation, this dive should not be attempted when there is a strong North wind.

The Dilumacad Underwater Tunnel: how is it?

The Dilumacad Tunnel starts at 12 meters depth and is around 40 meters long. It has a few ceiling holes which let light in on the school of copper sweepers that lives in the tunnel. This sight makes this dive an incredible spectacle to behold.
The entrance is wide enough for two divers to penetrate together and after 15-20 meters the tunnel becomes a huge cavern with a view to the exit already. The bottom is sandy where small fish and crabs can be seen. The way out is more narrow and only one diver can exit the 10m tunnel at a time. It will bring you out to a rocky area with boulder formations some 20 meters. For advanced divers only!

dilumacad tunnel map el nido palawan divers
dilumacad tunnel map el nido palawan divers

The Dilumacad Underwater Tunnel: diving information

• Depth: 5-15 meters
• Viz: 15-20 meters
• Current: Possible swell when wind from North
• Getting there: 15 minutes by boat
• Best months: Nov-May

The Dilumacad Underwater Tunnel: Marine life

What you can see: Soft Coral • Electric Oyster • Ringed Pipefish  • Sea Sponge • Copper Sweeper • Coral Banded Shrimp • Scorpion Fish • Lion Fish • Map Pufferfish • Moray Eel • Nudibranch 

If you are lucky: Eagle or Devil ray at the exit/entrance

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