Diving Diversity in the Philippines: Explore Unique Dive Destinations!

Discover a range of diving spots in the Philippines. Immerse in the underwater world’s richness and unique experiences.

El Nido – Exquisite Coral Gardens

Nestled by Bacuit Bay, El Nido boasts beaches, limestone lagoons, and vibrant coral gardens. All-level divers can explore tunnels, walls, and macro life.

Coron – Wreck Exploration Delight

Up in Palawan’s north, Coron is a wreck diving haven. Post-WWII wrecks include 12 of 24 Japanese ships, accessible in shallow waters—a paradise for wreck enthusiasts.

Tubbataha – Pelagic and Wall Splendor

Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park, a UNESCO gem in the Sulu Sea, features 100m walls, coral islands, and diverse marine life. Unlock it via liveaboards for an extraordinary dive experience.

Anilao – Macro Photography Bliss

Batangas’ Anilao is a macro haven. Unearth uncommon creatures like ghost pipefish, blue-ringed octopuses, and frogfish in its captivating dive sites.

Malapascua – Thrilling Thresher Shark Encounters

Globally renowned, Malapascua in Visayas ensures regular thresher shark sightings—a unique thrill for shark enthusiasts.

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