Diving Wall – El Nido – Entalula Island

Diving Wall – El Nido – The Entalula wall is probably one of the most impressive. Entalula Island is located south of the famous Miniloc with its Small and Big Lagoon. Travel time from El Nido town is about 45 min depending on sea conditions. In this area, we mainly have 2 diving spots, the Wall and the Drift.

Diving Wall – El Nido – The Vertical Drop Off

The wall is suitable for all level of divers with depth ranging from 5 to 30m. This vertical drop off is covered by beautiful soft corals, whip corals and sea fans. It is one of the best sites for finding small inhabitants along its’ wall, like nudibranchs, crabs, pipefish and shrimps. One bizarre creature you can encounter in this area is the electric oyster.

entalula diving wall

Diving Wall in El Nido – The Drift Dive

The Drift is suitable for all level of divers with depths ranging from 5 to 20m. The extensive reef covers the whole south-western front of Entalula Island. This makes it a perfect location for a drift dive. The coral garden is teeming with marine life, from schools of fusilier and yellow tail barracuda, varieties of angelfish, triggerfish, butterflyfish and Sea Turtles.

Diving Wall in El Nido – What You Will See

The beautiful wall is filled with soft corals such as sea fans, sea pens and many small inhabitants like Pipefish, different kinds of anemone fish and shrimps. The reef itself is dominated by staghorn corals and a wide variety of marine species such as squids, cuttlefish, turtles, stingrays and octopus.

Common: Green Sea Turtles, Hawksbill Sea Turtle, bluespotted stingray
 Eagle ray, Ghostpipe fish.

Diving Wall in El Nido is Recommended For :