Discovering Sibaltan: Unveiling El Nido's Women Weavers

Explore the hidden gems around Bacuit Bay and uncover the secrets of El Nido – Palawan through our journey to Sibaltan.

road to sibaltan palawan divers
It's really exciting to cross a wooden bridge! It may be cliché, but it feels like being in a movie.

Discovering Sibaltan: Unveiling El Nido's Women Weavers - Palawan

Embark on an El Nido – Palawan adventure as we venture to the northern tip in our vintage Jeep, embracing the rugged roads and warm greetings from local children. Despite the lack of windows and doors, their smiles encouraged us to uncover El Nido’s enigmatic charms.

Amidst the dust and exhilaration, we ascended a hill to witness a breathtaking vista – serene islands, swaying palm trees, and the vast sea painted a picturesque backdrop.

view sibaltan el nido
A few kilometers before Sibaltan, you'll enjoy a breathtaking view of Binulbulan and Iloc Islands.
weavers sibaltan el nido
Melody is on the left.

Continuing our quest, Sibaltan welcomed us – a serene village of fishermen and farmers. Nestled along the beach, the village exudes rustic charm, with kites in the sky and boats adorning the sea. Amidst Sibaltan’s tranquility, life unfolds in a rhythm distinct from bustling El Nido.

Our purpose led us to Melody, guiding the “women weaver” initiative. This program empowers local women to craft unique items using buri leaves.

The Ayala Foundation supports over 30 women, guiding them to create bags and wallets through weaving. Melody shared, “We embrace creativity without patterns. Crafting a bag takes about a day.”

The Ayala Foundation aids these women with training and customer connections. After capturing our moment, we journeyed back.

eavers sibaltan palawan divers
They need 1 day to make a bag, 2 days for a matte.
beach sibaltan palawan divers
Sibaltan is at 45 minutes by motorbike from El Nido

After capturing our moment, we journeyed back.

When in Sibaltan, seek Melody’s directions. For details, connect with the Ayala Foundation or us. Find their products at El Nido Art Cafe & Boutique.

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