Helicopter Island Dive Sites: Experience a Turtle Wonderland!

Explore Helicopter Island’s sites, teeming with marine life and stunning coral formations. Join us for an unforgettable underwater adventure!

Helicopter Island dive spots offer a captivating array of marine life and breathtaking coral formations. Though the island’s true name is Dilumacad, its distinctive shape has earned it the nickname “Helicopter Island,” a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

Explore Multiple Dive Areas

Around Helicopter Island, several dive areas cater to divers of all levels – beginners, students, and seasoned enthusiasts. Its rich and shallow reefs provide the perfect setting for delightful drift dives or back-to-boat diving, ensuring a thrilling experience for all.

A Haven for Turtles and Anemone Fish

During the summer season, the sandy bed is adorned with sea grass, attracting graceful green sea turtles seeking their feeding grounds. Moreover, Helicopter Island is the exclusive home in Bacuit Bay to all seven species of anemone fish, showcasing the remarkable diversity of marine life in the area.

helicopter Island el nido dive sites

Diving Information for Helicopter Island Dive Spots

  • Depth: 5-20 meters
  • Visibility: 5 to 30 meters
  • Current: Occasional
  • Travel time: 30 minutes by boat
  • Best months: November to May

Marine Life at Helicopter Island Dive Spots

Get ready to encounter:

Long-nose pipefish • Blue Spotted Stingray • Green Sea Turtle • Hawksbill Turtle • Clown Fish • Cuttlefish • Lion Fish • Pufferfish • Moray Eel • Nudibranch

Keep an Eye Out for the Graceful Eagle Ray

Is Helicopter Island Dive Spots Right for You?

If you are a beginner, Helicopter Island Dive Spots present the perfect opportunity to embark on your scuba diving journey. With its rich and shallow reefs, Dilumacad is an ideal location to gain valuable diving experience. And if you’re aspiring to obtain a diving license, part of your Open Water course will be completed in this underwater wonderland. Come join us for an unforgettable adventure!

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