South Miniloc - The most popular dive site in El Nido

The most popular dive site in El Nido is South Miniloc. The common light current carries nutrients making it populated with a wide variety of marine life.

South Miniloc is definitively the most popular dive site in El Nido. The reef is located near the famous Small and Big Lagoons. The dive site sits between two islands: Miniloc and Simizu island. The current between the 2 islands carries fresh nutrients to the area making it populated with a wide variety of marine life. This can be one of the only dive sites in El Nido where we can encounter occasionally strong currents. What makes this dive site so popular is the coral garden and schools of fish that can be encountered. Be amazed by the view of the cabbage coral garden (yellow paperscroll corals) and the big school of big-eye snappers. The highlight of this dive site. You have a good chance to encounter pelagic from time to time. Tuna’s, mackerels and big barracuda like to visit this dive site. But not only bigger fish are present. Frogfish, ribbon eel and nudibranch can also be found in the shallow coral garden.

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South Miniloc: diving information

• Depth: 5-30
• Viz: 10-35 meters
• Current: Moderate to strong
• Getting there: 45 minutes by boat
• Best months: Nov-May

South Miniloc:  Marine life

What you can see: Blue Spotted Stingray • Green Sea Turtle • Hawksbill Turtle • Spanish Mackerel • Tuna • Marbled grouper • Barracuda • Spadefish • Schools of Fusillier and Snappers • Moray Eel

If you’re very lucky: Eagle Ray • Manta or Devil Ray

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